Update on the coronavirus situation

Update on the corona virus situation as of

NTG Nordic Transport Group is operating on regular basis within road, air and ocean freight as well as logstics and warehouse services.

Our many offices and facilities have adapted to operating as close to normal as possible under observance of the Covid-19 restrictions. Our daily work conditions are based on long-term solutions, ensuring that obligations towards customers are met and that we can conduct daily business without risk of our personal health or safety.

Please contact your local NTG team if you have any requests. We are here to help

It is possible to pick-up and deliver cargo in most regions in Europe, and our fleet of trailers is on the road every day to service our customers. The same situation applies for overseas shipments.

Please contact your local NTG team with any request you may have. We are still here for you.

NTG Air & Ocean are operating in full scale, despite the continued pandemic situation.

For any airfreight or oceanfreight requests or bookings, the NTG team are fully available and ready to support and guide you, please connect to your regular NTG contact person.

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