Employees & diversity

Human capital is our main asset

A diverse workforce of dedicated and talented people vitalises NTG. Their welfare and well-being are crucial for our success. We focus on attracting new talents, retaining experienced key employees, and providing them with an attractive and safe place to work.

As a company providing services, NTG relies on competent and qualified employees to be successful. All our employees have a role that is essential to the Group’s ambition of being our customers’ preferred transport solutions provider.

Based on our corporate values, the code of conduct guides our employees in freedom of association, equal opportunities, and diversity in employment.

Securing a safe place to work

Safety among our employees is imperative.

We keep a strong focus on limiting work-related injuries and sets high priorities for a safe and healthy working environment.

We are committed to reducing incidents that harm our employees physically or psychologically when performing their daily work.

Aiming for a diverse workforce

NTG has a global reach based on local presence which brings people together from many different backgrounds with diverse skills and experience. We consider this diversity of our employees a genuine strength.

Our aim is to ensure diversity at all organisational levels in terms of age, nationality, gender, and background, and to increase diversity at management level by setting targets.

Providing opportunities for all employees on an equal and non-discriminatory basis is of high priority to NTG. All employees and applicants are treated according to formal and objective criteria relevant to the specific position. This applies to both employee and management positions and are based on NTG’s non-tolerance of discrimination of any kind.

Maintaining a strong talent pipeline

NTG aspires to maintain and develop its pipeline of skilled employees by attracting new and retaining seasoned talents.

We encourage young people to explore career opportunities in the freight forwarding industry by offering trainee positions, including certified freight forwarding educational programmes within several Group companies. In this way, we contribute to the educational advancements of the societies we operate within.

NTG aims to retain talented and experienced employees by offering a dynamic workplace with career advancement and development opportunities. Employee co-ownership through NTG’s Partnership Model and share-based incentive schemes are important incentivisation and retention elements.


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