Governance & goals

Sustainability as a strategic priority

Our prioritisation of the sustainability area combined with increasing ESG-related requirements from central stakeholders emphasise the importance of having a framework to ensure compliance in our business activities.

Sustainability is anchored at top-management level in NTG. The Board of Directors together with the Group Management sets the direction in the sustainability and ESG area and decides upon policy, strategy, and objectives. The strategic decisions are handled daily in a collaboration between Group Management under supervision of our Group CFO, our legal compliance and ESG functions and local management, when relevant.

UN and ISO frameworks for constant improvement

We engage in well-established governance frameworks for quality assurance, compliance, and consistency in the sustainability area.

As a part of our sustainability programme, we work with a global multisite certificate for the ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) management systems. This programme is in place to ensure local environmental performance, quality and consistency in our organisation based on the globally recognised ISO standards. Approved by an independent third party, the programme ensures our commitment to business objectives and our strive for high quality in our services.

NTG became signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2021 and supports the ten universal principles on human and labour rights, environment, and anti-corruption, while acknowledging our role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The UN framework is important to our sustainability work as we can demonstrate progress under the guidance of the Sustainable Development Goals and the UNGC principles.

Defining targets to measure progress

Setting targets constitutes a motivational factor for progressing our sustainability work and expresses the expectant end results for our strategy. All defined targets are important to us to drive our desired progress within the sustainability area. Our 10 targets are defined based on their materiality for NTG’s sustainability work within the areas Environment and climate, Employees and diversity, and Responsible business practices.

Targets on:

Environment & climate

We want to be an active part and shape the development towards lower carbon emissions from our transport and logistics operations.

We commit to collaborating with customers and suppliers to reduce carbon emissions from our operations.

We are committed to join the Science Based Targets initiative with an ambition to reduce our carbon footprint in line with limiting global warming to 1.5˚C.

Employees & diversity

The rate of work-related injuries and lost workdays due to workrelated
injuries must be reduced every year.

We will have no fatalities among our employees.

We commit to form a diverse workforce and management in terms of age, nationality, gender and background.

The other levels of management have a target of reaching a representation of 10 % of the underrepresented gender in 2026 at the latest.

Responsible business practices

All salaried employees must receive training on NTG’s Code of Conduct every year.

We commit to perform yearly compliance audits and spot checks of suppliers performed through remote audits, questionnaires and checklists.

We commit to perform yearly compliance spot checks of NTG entities to monitor the effectiveness of our mitigating measures under NTG’s Legal Compliance Program.


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