Reporting & rating

Transparent data disclosure

With increasing demand and focus from various stakeholders, NTG has become more transparent on our ESG performance and progress. Selected ESG data combined with established guidelines are essential to provide relevant and reliable ESG reporting.

Recognised frameworks for better reporting

Sustainability reporting is becoming increasingly data driven. With collection and analysis of carefully selected data, NTG measures ESG performance and reports annually on the sustainability progress. To ensure transparency and comparability, we use certain standardised reporting metrics and frameworks in our annual ESG reporting. NTG has aligned its sustainability reporting with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


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Acknowledgement of our sustainability work

Various rating agencies and financial partners monitor and assess our sustainability work against standards and comparisons with peers.

We have experienced a positive development in external rating scores with the launch of our first stand-alone Sustainability Report published for 2021.

NTG continuously provides information and engages in dialogues with relevant rating agencies and financial partners about our work and progress on sustainability.

Rating agency Rating performance 2023 Rating performance 2022 Rating performance 2021
Nordea CCC (lowest) CCC (lowest)
Ecovadis 65/100  58/100 54/100
Morningstar Sustainalytics
(the lower rating, the better)
17,1 (low risk) 19.8 (low risk) 22.9 (medium risk)
NTG Nordic Transport Group - Nasdaq ESG Transparency Badge 2023

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