Responsible business practices

A tailored compliance framework

Compliance with relevant legislation and regulatory standards is imperative to NTG. As a publicly listed company with international activities, we are subject to extensive legislative requirements. NTG aspires to conduct responsible business practices by acting lawfully, responsibly, and respectfully towards all stakeholders.

NTG’s Legal Compliance Program

NTG’s Legal Compliance Program

Our Legal Compliance Program is a framework designed to prevent, detect, and mitigate risks related to our business activities.

  • Our codes of conduct for employees and suppliers form the overarching element and support us in making the right decisions in our daily activities. The codes include basic human rights and labour standards, responsible supplier relationships, anti-corruption, foreign trade controls, and environmental responsibility.
  • Yearly, internal online training on the Code of Conduct and policies on anti-corruption, foreign trade controls, and compliance with competition law is mandatory for all employees.
  • NTG’s internal risk assessment is an important tool to address risks effectively and adequately. The risk assessment identifies areas of potential non-compliance with laws and regulations as well as internal rules. Further, it provides an assessment of the level of implementation of mitigating measures, and input to upcoming mitigating measures.
  • NTG maintains a network of locally appointed “compliance champions” in subsidiaries of the NTG Group. The champions serve as advisors and first point of contact for routine legal compliance-related questions, particularly on anti-corruption, foreign trade controls and compliance with competition laws. Further, they support local management with integrating legal compliance matters into business operations, assists with expansion of NTG’s legal compliance footprint in the workforce, and encourage local employees to speak up about compliance issues and concerns.
  • NTG has a confidential reporting system in place which allows employees, suppliers, and business partners to report concerns regarding witnessed breaches or suspected serious wrongdoings with full anonymity. The whistle-blower system is administered by an independent third party to ensure anonymity.
  • NTG is subject to the requirements set out in the GDPR / Data Privacy legislation regarding processing of personal data and implemented GDPR requirements in order to ensure compliance.

Guiding principles for business conduct

Different codes, rules, and policies regarding lawful practices and responsible business behaviour are relevant guidelines for internal and external stakeholders when acting within or interacting with NTG.

Code of Conduct for employees

  • Supports our employees in making the right decisions

ESG and diversity policy

Anti-corruption policy

Modern slavery statement

Code of Conduct for suppliers

  • Commitment to act responsibly with all business partners

Tax policy

Foreign trade control policy


Data ethics statement

Competition laws policy


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