Multimodal freight

Multimodal freight transport in Europe

NTG offers multimodal services in Europe combining rail and road transport to optimise customers’ supply chains. Timely, efficiently, affordably, and less harmful towards the environment. The flexibility of combined transport modes offers numerous benefits.

Road and rail as a favourable combination

NTG’s multimodal freight experts are available to provide the most efficient transport solution for every customer request. Combining the flexibility of road transport with the stability and availability of rail transport, we can customise our freight services to your particular needs. To provide timely delivery at the right price and with the least logistical impact for you.

NTG is dedicated to optimising your supply chains by simplifying the complexities of your international transport needs. As a leading European forwarding company, we focus on delivering sustainable progress and value to our stakeholders.

Flexible one-stop-shop solutions

NTG’s multimodal transport solutions are a one-stop-shop service with broad geographical reach across Western Europe offering fast and flexible freight options.

Rail transport is reliable, efficient, environmentally sustainable, and unaffected by traffic congestions. Road transport adds agility and cost effectiveness. Combined, they enhance a successful supply chain allowing for your cargo to run smoothly from departure to destination.

Our locally anchored entrepreneurial experts have an agile and responsive mindset and are available to provide the relevant transport service for every customer. Our multimodal freight solutions combine the benefits of different transport modes. This means less logistical coordination for you.

Sustainable solution on a fast track

NTG’s European multimodal rail freight solutions offer several advantages to strengthen our customers’ supply chains.

  • Lower emission impact
    A CO2-reducing transport alternative to pure road transport.
  • High capacity
    Possibility to increase cargo weight per trailer.
  • High security
    Low risk of thefts due to the short distances to the well-monitored train hubs.
  • Fast and efficient
    Stable and reliable transit times, as rail tracks are not impacted by road network congestions.
  • Flexible and cost-efficient
    No need for reloading of cargo and less impact from energy price fluctuations.

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