Customs clearance made easier

In logistics, customs clearance is key. All goods shipped internationally must pass through customs before they are allowed to enter or exit a country. This includes anything sent by ocean, air, or on land. NTG is proud to offer our customers one of the most personalised customs services in the industry.

Forwarding company specialised in customs

Even in a globalised world, customs issues, and the associated commercial documents, permits, licences and import/export bans continue to play a key role. NTG offers the services of customs clearance that suit your needs. This is customs clearance made much easier.

Our advisory service covers all aspects of customs clearance. Proactive information on e.g., developments in trade agreements, and active and passive refining. In international transport we handle customs for our clients such as customs clearance, electronic customs clearance, EU taxation as well as country- and region-specific services in compliance with local regulations.

Customs clearance across Europe

Every country has different protocols when it comes to customs compliance, paperwork, duties, exemptions, authorisations, and other considerations that must be followed. As a forwarding company, NTG will usually handle the customs clearance process. Our experienced customs service team pays close attention to details vital for your shipment progress in international transport across borders.

We handle customs clearance in European countries and beyond. You will get a team of people who are by nature very responsive, agile, entrepreneurial, and open-minded. When choosing NTG, you also get a leading European forwarding company with a focus on delivering sustainable progress and value to our stakeholders. NTG simplifies the complexities of international transport.

NTG customs services:

NTG handles customs clearance for all customers who need it. To issue the correct papers please provide us with the following documents:

Companies with an organisation number / VAT

  • Organisation registration number
  • Packing list and commercial invoice
  • If possible, a copy of GSP or EUR1 certificate (for tariff reduction)
  • Copy of bill of lading
  • HS code or a detailed product description.

Private customers – Personal effects/Removal cargo (VAT and duty-free)

  • Packing list
  • Copy of passport
  • Proof of residence abroad for at least 1 year (examples could be confirmation from school or a copy of your passport)
  • Identification number (for foreigners – you can submit a temporary personal identification number at customs)

Private clients – freight of all kinds

  • Packing list and commercial invoice
  • If possible, a copy of GSP or EUR1 certificate (for tariff reduction)
  • Organisation or identification number
  • Copy of bill of lading/AWB

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