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Ambitious specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset?

For NTG’s founder and current deputy chairman of the Bord of Directors, Jørgen Hansen, the ‘partnership model’ has been a firm favourite and a well-tried route to success.

The partnership model

From 1989 and for the next 17 years, Jørgen Hansen was partner and CEO of the transport company Combifragt. Via partnerships and acquisitions, Combifragt’s value increased significantly before the company was sold to the Finnish Postal Service in 2006. He is highly convinced that the partnership model owes its success to its suitability to support ambitious transport specialists wishing to retain independence.
“The partnership model is ideal for transport specialists with an eye for business opportunities who lack the platform and capital to realise their dreams. NTG has the financial and administrative resources to support the right entrepreneurial mindset. We make sure that good business ideas are not left high and dry for lack of practical resources.”

NTG’s Group CEO, Michael Larsen, views partnerships as the means for talents in the transport sector to realise their dream of having their own business: “The most skilled experts in the sector all cherish a tiny dream of becoming self-employed – we make that possible for them,” says Michael Larsen.

Facts about entering into partnership with NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S:

  • If you have a promising flair for business, contact Michael Larsen.
  • An informal chat will soon determine whether your business profile matches our portfolio.
  • A partnership will give you the freedom to run and develop your business – alone or together with other partners.
  • With the necessary backing from the Group, you can establish your company and ensure rapid growth. We will supply IT solutions, market the Group’s services far and wide, establish the new company, and can provide the necessary funding.
  • NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S will keep a shareholding of at least 51%.
  • The Group will run the financial risk.

We are always looking for experienced, service-minded hauliers, which can provide high quality to our customers. For an efficient handling of your application, please fill in the online form and we’ll get back to you soon as possible.

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