Transportsektionen Sverige AB acquires the activities of Solida Logistik AB and changes name to NTG Logistics AB

Solida was founded in 2019 in Bjärnum, Sweden, and specialises in third-party logistics (“3PL”), including warehousing, handling, and related transportation services. In 2022, the activities are expected to generate a revenue of approximately SEK 30 million (EUR 2.8 million) and pro-forma adjusted EBIT of approximately SEK 2 million (EUR 0.2 million).

Transportsektionen, founded in Bjärnum, Sweden in 1967, was acquired by NTG in September 2021 as part of the acquisition of LGT Group AB. Transportsektionen focuses on 3PL solutions serving several sectors with warehousing, handling, and transport solutions, with a total warehousing capacity of approximately 64,000 m2.

Closing of the transaction occurred today, 1 December 2022. The activities of the two companies have been combined as per the same date, and all operations will continue under the new name, NTG Logistics.

Based on the strategic geographical location, NTG Logistics offers cost-efficient warehousing solutions at highly competitive rates compared to denser populated areas. The activities of Solida contribute with an additional 51,000 m2 of warehousing capacity, thus expanding NTG Logistics’ addressable market significantly. All warehouses of NTG Logistics are leased on short- to- medium term contracts.

Rickard Wutzler, CEO, shareholder, and co-founder of Solida will assume the role as Managing Director of NTG Logistics and reinvest his proceeds from the transaction in accordance with NTG’s ring-the-bell partnership model. Peter Jansson, Managing Director of Transportsektionen since 2010, will assume the role as Deputy Managing Director of NTG Logistics, thus remaining an integral part of the management team going forward.

Jesper Petersen, CEO of Road & Logistics at NTG says: “The merger of Transportsektionen and Solida marks the beginning of a new era for our 3PL activities in Bjärnum and Osby. Based on the strategic location and combined experience of Solida and Transportsektionen, dating more than 50 years back, NTG Logistics offers high-quality warehousing solutions at competitive price points. With a total capacity of more than 100,000 m2, and the backing of NTG’s remaining road and logistics activities, the merger improves our one-stop-shop offering of 3PL and transportation services in the Swedish market”.

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