3 June 2022

NTG is logistics partner of Denmark’s largest cycling race

NTG is transport and logistics partner of Denmark’s largest amateur cycling race, ”Tour de Storebælt”, an official side event ahead of Denmark’s hosting of the first three stages of the World’s greatest cycling race, Tour de France.

 On 11 June 2022, when 16,000 riders cover the distances of 25, 100 or 200 kilometres on Zealand and across the Great Belt Bridge (Storebæltsbroen), NTG will provide the logistical framework for the field to cross the finish line safely. The race gives Danish and international amateur riders an earnest of the historical event taking place three weeks later, when Denmark hosts the first three stages of Tour de France – Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2022.

”From a logistical point of view, Tour de Storebælt is one of the most intense sports events ever arranged on Danish soil”, says Søren Holck Pape, CEO Air & Ocean at NTG. ”We are sincerely happy to support as transport and logistics partner at this particular event, arranged as an amusing experience for a lot of people, while marking a milestone in Danish cycling history”, he continues.

For NTG, the job as transport and logistics partner includes:

  • Design and operation of all logistic centres in the start towns and the finish area
  • Packing, loading, and unloading of all trucks
  • Management of storage facilities before, during and after the event
  • Transport of a total of 4,200 riders and their bikes – corresponding to more than 50 fully loaded trucks and more than 70 bus rides on the day of the race.

To manage this huge and complex transport and logistics task, NTG, in addition to own employees, will make use of external support from volunteers, and engage temporary staff as well as bus and truck drivers.

NTG already holds extensive experience from larger sports events. Within the last year, NTG has acted as logistics coordinator appointed by Danish Sports Confederation (DIF) to support the Danish athletes of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo as well as at the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Tour de Storebælt adds significant further experience.

Our extensive experience within sports arrangements helps minimising the risk of making mistakes, but no guide exists when it comes to an event like this, as nobody has tried it before”, says Thomas Holm, Product Development Manager and responsible for the event at NTG. “We have made strong efforts preparing for all possible scenarios arising on the day of the event”, he concludes.

NTG looks forward to contributing to the unique event of “Tour de Storebælt”, which is the largest cycling experience in Denmark measured in number of participants and number of kilometres covered.


Read the related press release (in Danish)