NTG has acquired the shares in Cargo 2000 A/S

Owner Michael Halgrener has after a prolonged illness decided to sell his business.

Cargo 2000 A/S is known for its services in the Nordic region and Continent, especially Germany. The NTG group divide the company into in 2 business areas, NTG Nordic A/S taking over the traffic in the Nordic region and NTG Continent A/S who will take over the traffic to Germany/Continent.

Michael Halgrener and CEO Vivi Aakjær will be assisting the transition and implementation of the business into the NTG group. The business areas of Cargo 2000 A/S is complimenting the areas of NTG perfectly, and NTG is looking forward to assure and continue the high level of service to all customers.

All front staff will remain in the new ownership, and only administration and management are affected by this business acquisition.

During summer, we seek to contact all customers for an interview about the future constellation, in order to assure valued customers our continued good cooperation.

If any questions should arise, please do not hesitate to contact us:

NTG Continent A/S
Jan Brüggert
Tel. +45 7632 0932

NTG Nordic A/S
Erik Jensen
Tel. +45 7632 0997

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