NTG fortifies its setup in the German market

The German NTG entities NTG Logistics, ATEGE and Ebrex have been strategically restructured to strengthen the position of NTG’s Road & Logistics and Air & Ocean divisions in the German market.

On 1 October 2020, NTG Logistics was renamed to NTG Road. In addition, Ebrex and ATEGE’s road activities were moved to NTG Road under the management of Heinrich Josef de Waal, who will oversee the development of NTG’s road activities in Germany.

All logistics activities will be consolidated in Ebrex, and Heinrich Josef de Waal will take the role as managing director of these activities, too. The company will be renamed to NTG Ebrex Logistics by 1 January 2021.

ATEGE will be renamed to NTG Air & Ocean, and the company will focus solely on air and ocean freight. The activities will continue under the leadership of Vojislav Jevtic as managing director.

The fortification of NTG’s German setup will support the dedicated services offered to customers and marks the next step of its journey towards becoming a market leading freight forwarder in Europe.

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