Our history

The Group was founded by Jørgen Hansen, who has worked in the transport sector for decades.

He established the NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S in 2011 with the goal of creating one of Europe’s leading transport companies via partnerships with the most highly skilled small and medium-sized players in the business. This model soon proved sustainable. Now, just nine years later, the Group has over 80 companies and more are joining all the time.


  • NTG Road UK Limited (UK) established
  • Ebrex Business Solutions Ltd. (UK) acquired. Offices in Germany, UK, Sweden, Poland, Spain and Turkey
  • NTG Road AS (NO) established
  • NTG Air & Ocean (Denver, USA) established


  • DAP (UK) Ltd. acquired with offices in the UK
  • TAK International Ltd. acquired with office in Japan
  • NTG Air & Ocean Srl established in Romania
  • NTG Air & Ocean Hungary established
  • NTG Air & Ocean Turkey established
  • NTG Air & Ocean Vietnam established
  • NTG Air & Ocean (New Jersey, Detroit and Chicago, USA) are founded


  • Swiss Gondrand Group acquired with offices in China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland
  • NS Transcargo A/S (DK) acquired and renamed NTG Nielsen & Sørensen A/S
  • NTG Road GmbH (DE) established as a startup
  • Combino East A/S (DK) acquired and renamed NTG Frigo East A/S
  • NTG Air & Ocean (Atlanta, USA) established
  • FTS UK GmbH acquired and merged with NTG Frigo GmbH


  • Polar Logistics with offices in Finland, Poland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Russia,  Netherlands joins NTG
  • NTG Ocean established as a startup with branches in Denmark, Netherlands and USA
  • NTG Courier A/S (DK) established as a startup
  • Cargo 2000 (DK) merged with NTG Continent A/S and NTG Nordic A/S in DK
  • NTG Domestic A/S (DK) established as a startup


  • NTG Agencies OY established (FI)
  • NTG Logistics AB – Borås established (SE)
  • New NTG Global branch offices in Kristiansund (NO) and Tallin (EE) established
  • NTG Hungary established as a startup
  • NTG Solution establishes a new office in Kielse (PL)
  • NTG Continent AB establishes a new office in Lübeck (DE)
  • NTG Domestics AB – Jönköping established (SE)


  • NTG East A/S established branch office in Hvidovre (DK)
  • NTG East AB (SE) established branch office in Istanbul (TK)
  • NTG Poland S.p.o.o. (PL) established as a startup
  • Itella Logistics in Denmark, Norway and Sweden as well as Posti’s international logistics activities in Finland were acquired in April 2015
  • NTG Trophy A/S (DK) is founded
  • Peak Logistics AB (SE+BE) is acquired
  • NTG Transport OÜ (EE) established as a startup
  • NTG Projects A/S (DK) established as a startup
  • NTG Uluslararası Lojistik Ltd.Şti. (TR) established as a startup


  • NTG East A/S (DK) established as a startup
  • New Europe Transport acquired and renamed NTG East AB (SE)
  • NTG Hamburg GmbH (DE) established as a startup
  • HC Schmidt and Dahmen Logistics GmbH acquired and renamed NTG Logistics GmbH (DE)
  • NTG Continent AB (SE) established as a startup
  • NTG Terminals A/S and NTG Terminals 2 A/S (DK) established as startups
  • Itella Logistics’ Danish air and ocean freight activities are acquired


  • Kettermann GmbH acquired and renamed NTG Frigo GmbH (DE)
  • Cargoworld Group acquired and renamed NTG Global A/S
  • NTG Solution AB (SE) established as a startup


  • ATS Cargo uab acquired and renamed NTG Lithuania uab (LT)
  • NTG Frigo Slovakia S.r.o (SK) established as a subsidiary of NTG Frigo A/S
  • NTG Latvia Sia (LV) established as a startup
  • NTG Växjo AB (SE) established as a startup
  • NTG Continent A/S (DK) establishes a branch in Køge


  • Nordic Transport Group A/S and NTG Nordic A/S (DK) are founded in April
  • EAT Solution A/S is acquired and renamed NTG Continent A/S (DK)
  • NTG Frigo A/S (DK) is founded
  • NTG Nordic A/S (DK) establishes branch in Aarhus

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