Over 80 European, Asian and American transport companies currently belong to the Group, and more are joining all the time.

We cooperate via a partnership agreement that optimises the scope for each individual company in the Group to operate and develop its own business. The Group makes shared resources and competences available in the form of IT support, joint administrative systems etc. This means everyday life is easier for the individual companies, and our customers enjoy consistently high quality and service, regardless of which company in the Group they do business with.

The ownership of each individual company in the Group is shared between the Group and the employees. NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S has a 51% shareholding, while the employees in each individual company own 49%. With this corporate structure, it is extremely attractive to work for a company belonging to the Group and to team up in partnership with the Group. We therefore have the most highly-skilled employees and are partners with the most enterprising and well-run transport companies – for the benefit of our customers.

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