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For the Group’s founder, Jørgen Hansen, the partnership model is both a firm favourite and a well-tried route to success

From 1989 and for the next 17 years, he was a partner and CEO at the transport company Combifragt. Via partnerships and acquisitions, Combifragt’s value increased to almost a half a billion kroner before the company was sold to the Finnish Postal Service in 2006.

He is in no doubt that the partnership model owes its success to being tailored to suit ambitious transport specialists wishing to retain their independence.

“The partnership model is ideal for transport specialists with an eye for business opportunities but who lack the platform and capital to realise their dreams. We know the sector in depth and have the financial strength to play the role of bank and help with administrative assignments. We make sure that good business ideas are not left high and dry for lack of practical resources.”

Group CEO, Michael Larsen, views partnerships as the means for talents in the transport sector to realise their dream of having their own business:
“The most skilled experts in the sector all cherish a tiny dream of becoming self-employed – we make that possible for them,” says Michael Larsen.

Facts about entering into partnership with NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S:

  • If you have a promising flair for business, contact Michael Larsen.
  • An informal chat will soon determine whether your business profile matches our portfolio.
  • A partnership will give you the freedom to run and develop your business – alone or together with other partners. You will be your own boss.
  • With the necessary backing from the Group, you can establish your company and ensure rapid growth. We will supply IT solutions, market the Group’s services far and wide, establish the new company, and can provide the necessary funding.
  • The partnership will provide you and any potential partners with a shareholding of up to 49%, and NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S will have a 51% shareholding.
  • The Group will run the financial risk.
Consider whether a partnership is right for you

Read about Michael Larsen’s experiences as a partner at NTG Nordic A/S

A partnership with us will give you both the time to explore your talents as well as dedicated and loyal employees. This is the experience gained by NTG Nordic A/S, which has grown from 8 to 62 employees in six years.

NTG Nordic A/S has been constantly expanding since it was founded and joined forces with the Group in 2011. The company customises road transport operations to and from the Nordic countries and Baltic States and now has 62 employees – 14 of them are partners.

Michael Larsen, one of these partners, is also general manager of the company. He gives the partnership model considerable credit for the company’s success:

  • “Thanks to the partnership, I can focus on my core skill, which is transportation and logistics. The Group takes care of all the associated tasks that don’t interest me and are not my strength – IT and corporate matters, for example.”. At the same time, the partnership structure generates a special sense of motivation and loyalty to the workplace, according to Michael Larsen.
  • “Being a partner in the company produces a particularly high level of commitment that spreads throughout the organisation. That makes it easier to retain skilled employees.”
  • “In everyday life, it doesn’t matter if you are a partner or not. A partner can easily have a non-partner as a manager.”
  • As a part of a larger group, NTG Nordic A/S also has considerably better purchasing agreements, in Michael Larsen’s opinion.
    “Externally, we are one large unit that achieves economies of scale when purchasing everything from ferry crossings to mineral water. Internally, we enjoy the advantages of a small player: greater freedom with the responsibility to act in the way we feel benefits our customers and us.”

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