30 November 2020

Update on the coronavirus situation

NTG Nordic Transport Group is still operating on regular basis within road, air and ocean freight as well as logstics and warehouse services.

Our many offices and facilities have adapted to operating as close to normal as possible under observance of the Covid-19 restrictions. Our daily work conditions are based on long-term solutions, ensuring that obligations towards customers are met and that we can conduct daily business without risk of our personal health or safety.

Please contact your local NTG team if you have any requests. We are here to help


6 April 2020

It’s still possible to pick-up and deliver cargo in most regions in Europe and our fleet of trailers is on the road every day to service our customers. The same situation applies for overseas shipments.

Some delay can occur at the borders which may lead to longer delivery times.

Please contact your local NTG team with any request you may have. We are still here for you.

20 March 2020

NTG road services – Europe

The majority of all scheduled road services in Europe are still fully operational for our customers and we do everything necessary to collect and deliver your orders.

The situation is still very challenging, but we are doing everything possible to keep our customer satisfied and the supply chain moving. Border controls and closed border crossings are however creating increasingly delays in many areas of the world.

Please stay in contact with your suppliers and pick-up/delivery locations to check if they are still open or if they have special requirements in place.

As things are very dynamic and can change in hours, we will keep you posted and inform you personally about problems or possible delays of your shipments.

NTG Air & Ocean – worldwide

NTG Air & Ocean are operating in full scale, despite the Corona situation is developing rapidly and gives the transport industry challenges.

We constantly follow the situation and navigate around it, to avoid the effect for your business. Should you be affected of the changes your NTG contact person will keep you posted as soon as possible.

For any airfreight or oceanfreight requests or bookings the NTG team are fully available and ready to support and guide you, so please contact your NTG contact person.

12 March 2020

Dear valued customers and business partners,

The coronavirus is spreading fast all over Europe, and it seems likely that the same will happen in other countries around the World, in the weeks to come. The situation is very serious both from human, economical and business perspectives.

The latest development in Denmark is that the Danish government in order to limit the spread of coronavirus, has implemented new guidelines which pose significant restrictions on the daily conduct of most businesses. We see that similar measures are being implemented in other countries as well, and we in NTG will of course follow the local governmental guidelines in the countries where we are active.

In NTG we are constantly monitoring the evolving situation and we are strongly committed to mitigate any potential impact on the supply chains and operations of our customers while ensuring the safety of our employees. Therefore, we have implemented precautionary measures on all our sites, including the introduction of home workplaces, separation of teams and individuals as well as cancelation of all non-vital physical meetings and traveling.

Even under these critical circumstances we continue with full operation and we are striving to work closely together with our customers and partners to get through this crisis in a safe, efficient and responsible manner.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local NTG contact if you have any questions in this respect.