Trophy transport

Trophy transport is a niche in the transport industry, and it takes something special to be successful in this line of business – the goods we ship are very unusual.

To transport a trophy calls for every detail to come together in the end. Just like when you are hunting – it’s the detail that matters; no unexpected sounds, no wrong moves – focus is on the game, you take aim and shoot. It is the same with trophy transport. Here the primary focus is on bringing your trophy home – smoothly and without a single scratch. EVERYTHING we do in the transport process is planned very carefully!

NTG Trophy will guide you on specific rules and regulations regarding your destination and inform you about the existing guidelines for the animal you are planning to hunt. They will fill out all necessary documents and:

  • Send you trophy tags
  • Arrange the best transportation (via road, air or sea)
  • Contact the taxidermist
  • Contact the veterinarian
  • Contact all the right authorities
  • Verify whether the animal is on the CITES list
  • Take care of all necessary insurances
  • Focus on ALL details

Our team is ready to help you with your next shipment, so don’t hesitate getting in contact with them.



NTG Trophy A/S
+45 3955 0500