Temperature-controlled transport

NTG Frigo A/S specialises in transporting temperature-sensitive goods throughout Europe. We manage all kinds of products that require special temperatures – everything from frozen ducks at -25°C to fine chocolates at +15°C. With more than 180 refrigerated trailers, we are well-equipped to handle most tasks.

Our employees have many years’ experience and will provide tailor-made logistical solutions and advice about specific transport requirements as well as other temperature-controlled transport issues.

We will make every effort to always ensure a safe and secure delivery, taking the consignment directly from manufacturer to retailer, for example. Our specialists in Hvidovre control transport operations in individual countries and will provide you with a full overview of the entire journey.

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NTG Frigo A/S
+45 7023 9490

NTG Frigo East A/S
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Vertriebsbüro, Deutschland
NTG Frigo A/S
+49 (0) 170 | 204 64 98


NTG Services s.r.o.
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