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1.1 Introduction
We collect data through cookies to improve the content on our website, promote relevant services through third parties and to deliver our services. You have the option to opt-out.

1.2 What are cookies?
A cookie is a small data file sent from our website and stored on your computer. We use cookies to improve your user experience by making the website work more efficiently as well as to provide us statistical information about the use of our website.

1.3 Purpose
Cookies enable us to understand how many people visit our site and how they use it. Cookies may remember if you are already logged in, whether you have previously visited the website or what you might have added to the shopping cart.

1.4 List of cookies
We may use third-party tools to monitor and analyze the use of our services and to automate certain processes related to the development and operation of our services. Please see our list of cookies below.

1.4.1 [Google Analytics]
We may use [Google Analytics] to collect information regarding visitor behavior demographics on our services. For more information about [Google Analytics], please visit []. For more information about [Google]’s privacy practices, please visit []. You can opt out of [Google]’s collection and processing of data generated by your use of the services by going to [].

1.4.2 [Cookie provider]
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1.5 How do I change my cookie settings?[Insert instructions based on the solution used, see as an example] To find information relating to browsers, visit the browser developer’s website.

1.6 Questions
If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, please contact us at

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