UK to EU transport

Follow the guideline below for shipping from UK to EU

When you book to NTG, you should have the following information ready. The information you provide will ensure a smooth customs clearance process for the goods prior to their arrival at the UK port of export.

Commercial invoice containing:

  • Name and address of the sender in the UK, including sender’s EORI number*
  • Name and address of the receiver in the EU, including receiver’s EORI number*
  • Name and address of who is invoiced
  • EORI number* of who is invoiced
  • Incoterms**
  • Country of origin
  • Export licence statement if required
  • Value of the goods and the currency
  • Commodity code
  • Multiple commodity codes need to be issued in Excel format (if over five lines)
  • A clear description of the goods
  • Quantity of the goods
  • Invoice number
  • Net and gross weight of the goods

Further information should be ready prior to departure:

  • Customs clearance must be gained prior to the goods’ departure from a warehouse in the UK (ask NTG for help if needed).
  • The customs clearance instruction must be provided from the sender in the UK (ask NTG for help if needed).
  • Planned port of arrival into the EU.

NTG can provide you with the following services:

  • Export document
  • Transit document to reach final EU destination country
  • Import customs entry including payment of import customs taxes where necessary.

What is an EORI number?
Request the EORI number from the customs authorities of the EU country in which you are established.
EORI number guidance document

** If  you are shipping under the term EXW, FCA, or FOB, ensure that the European freight charge is stated in the commercial invoice.