We believe people are our most important resource. As an international company with customers, transport assignments, and offices in 30 countries so far, we rely on employees with deep insight into the conditions, language and culture in each individual country. Our workplace therefore has employees representing many nationalities.

Ours is also a multi-ethnic and inclusive workplace because we believe that as a company, we accept our corporate social responsibility while also enhancing the business by helping to integrate minorities, both in terms of ethnic background and reduced work capacity, in the Danish labour market.

Respect and trust are key words in our organisation, and as Group employees, it is our duty to live up to all national and international rules and agreements regarding working hours and organisation of work, as well as NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S’ Code of Conduct.

Environmental considerations are a shared obligation
We work to give our customers access to the most eco-friendly transport solutions possible, and we maintain ongoing dialogue with our suppliers to limit resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and environmentally harmful substances. We focus clearly on choosing new technology for our transport equipment while ensuring maintenance is good.

ISO certification
To set clear goals for the environmental efforts, NTG has initiated an ISO 14001: 2015 certification. The full implementation of an environmental management system confirms our efforts towards promoting the sustainability of our community and has already resulted in improvements in areas like staff environmental awareness and energy consumption in our buildings.


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