The Lights are Always On

Venyu is not a pure play data center provider. Not just a cloud provider.
Not just a backup services provider. Actually, we are the IT “venue” to
do all of those things – and the lights are always on.

Why Venyu?


When we started 26 years ago, Venyu pioneered some of the first innovations in offsite backup. From there we became one of the first service providers in the country to leverage virtualization as a disaster recovery approach – and we did it in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Venyu is battle tested and we have proven our experience in business continuity/disaster recovery every time we have saved mission critical data and services for our customers during numerous natural disasters – all from commercial grade, secure data center.


Venyu is not a pure play data center provider. Not a cloud provider. Not a backup services provider. Actually, we are the IT “venue” to do all of those things – and the lights are always on. Venyu leverages our ability to source, implement, and manage a complete IT ecosystem to offer you the flexibility to choose from a broad range of enterprise-grade infrastructure and equipment. We also have the advantage of not being a “lights out” colocation data center. Venyu’s highly experienced engineering and networking teams are on-site 24/7 to take care of any issues that may occur, so you never have to worry about sending someone out in the middle of the night. We’re even better than traditional “remote hands,” too, because the person who calls you about a problem will be the engineer who will fix it.

A customized, consultative approach

Venyu is not an order taker – and we don’t try to shape your needs so they match our services. By taking a unique consultative approach to delivering colocation, cloud backup, managed hosting, and other data center services, Venyu is not committed to using certain components or equipment, brands or vendors. We can mix and match services and products to explore solutions that truly meet your needs. We will even get our team members certified on specific brand name solutions so that they can quickly move forward with your project – whether colocation, cloud backup, cloud hosting, managed hosting, or business continuity. In simple terms, Venyu will do whatever it takes to make you successful.

Our commercial grade colocation facilities

Whether you need colocation services, cloud backup, or any of our other cloud-based data center services, Venyu’s facilities are built to drive your success and security. Our headquarters in Bossier is built to DoD specs with anti-terrorism protecting codes, making it one of the most physically secure commercially available data center facilities in the U.S. What’s more, there is redundancy at every turn – physical, environmental, and security – as well as multiple network providers to give you flexible choices. We are so confident in the high availability and security of our data centers that we host our own Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud offerings and RestartIT backup-as-a-service there alongside of our customers.

Customer service

Do you remember good old fashioned customer service? We do at Venyu and we practice it every day. Think high tech, Fortune 500-level solutions married to Main Street U.S.A. customer care. With around 80 employees, Venyu is not a large company, but we have over 1,000 customers and everybody here knows something about every single one of them. Our people have your back, so don’t be surprised if you get to know Venyu engineers by name. They already know yours.


Venyu gives you premium data center services without the premium pricing. We’re different because we offer customized technology solutions for data centers at a very competitive pricing across all of our service lines. Compared to traditional physical hosting, our cloud-based services have the potential to save your business upwards of 50% of total cost of ownership.

Why do you need us?

Venyu wants to ask you why, too – why you need colocation or cloud backup or business continuity services and why your present solution, if you have one, isn’t working for you. Let’s talk and find out how Venyu can be your single source for your data center services requirements.